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I started using R.C. Cosmetics about a year ago. With Ruth's excellent guidance and expertise as a Make-up-Artist I was able to find just the right cosmetics for my skin type. I am very impressed with the quality of this cosmetic line as well as the array of products. The tinted moisturizer is lightweight and doesn't clog my pores. The concealer's smooth texture melts into the skin to smooth out imperfections. It looks and feels so natural. The lip liners and gloss are easy to apply and last longer than any I have used in the past. I always get compliments on the lipstick colors as well. I love the way my skin feels and looks with R.C. Cosmetics.

Kathy T.

After finishing a workout at the gym, a member commented that I still look refreshed . I told her I had applied Ruth Caney's lighter foundation before going. The expression on her face, priceless!!

C. F.




I have purchased concealers from RC Cosmetics International on many occasions and I am extremely pleased with the excellent coverage and the creamy texture. I highly recommend this product. I have purchased additional products. Mary I asked some friends of mine if they knew of a moisturizer that would help my skin look more youthful because my skin looks rough and I look older than I am. They suggested that I try the Collagen Creme from RC Cosmetics International . I took their advice and purchased The Collagen Creme and Eye Creme.The results were amazing ! I noticed a difference within days.I was also getting compliments from family and friends and they asked ne what I was doing different. I said that I stopped using cheap stuff! I made the decision that I am continuing to use RC Cosmetics International for my skin care regime. Eddie As someone who is always been active from participating in fitness activities, athletics, and coaching I always look for products which provide a definitive benefit.With RC Cosmetics International's Vitamin E stick I found a great product that was an improvement compared to the over the counter items I was buying in stores.The Vitamin E stick is a good gift possibility that I have given to my family an even my personal trainer at my gym. Look forward to trying some of the other fine offerings from RC Cosmetics International. Frank E.
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