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For 25 years, R. C. Cosmetics International has offered a complete line of Skin Care and Make-up Products. Our skin care is made to support natural skin functions and revitalize your skin with products containing herbs, juices and root extracts that have wonderful healing properties. We offer a high quality product to the public at very affordable prices. These products are suitable for women and men from their early teens to mature adults.

Our beliefs:
Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. Proper nutrition, exercise, fluid intake, and rest are an excellent starting point in creating a wonderful appearance.
We believe in products that are low in possible allergens as well as being non-comedogenic (i.e. does not clog pores) and are not tested on laboratory animals.

R. C. Cosmetics International sincerely hopes that you continue on a path of longevity from the inside out, and we hope that our skin care and make-up line combined with a proper lifestyle will promote your youthfulness as well.

Ruth Caney
R. C. Cosmetics International

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