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Model: RJS

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An effective and gentle anti-aging facial scrub to rid skin of dirt and dead skin build up to make way for better ingredient absorption. Like every product in our Rejuvenating Skin Care Line, Rejuvenating Facial Scrub features some of our most favorite anti aging ingredients. Olive seed powder- Gently helps remove dead skin buildup and dirt. Plastic-free and much better for the earth. Kaolin clay- A versatile clay that’s gentle and effective. Aloe- Supports dermal hydration, tone and texture. Propolis extract- Helps to decongest pores and soothing. Wild geranium- Delivers antioxidants and helps tone the skin. It has a creamy feel, clean, herbaceous smell and features coconut-based soap so the skin isn’t harshly stripped. Great for clean, clear and clog-free feeling skin. To use: Gently massage a penny-sized amount into wet skin. Wash off with warm water and optional wash cloth. Can be used as often as skin needs, though we recommend starting with just once or twice a week. 2 oz Use with Our Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser, Rejuvenating Facial Toner, Rejuvenating Facial Lotion
  • Model: RJS

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3 gram


  1. Edward E. DeMars

    I’ve used different kinds of facial scrubs. R.C. Cosmetics Rejuvenating Fascicle Scrub is the best facial product I have ever used. Being a Commerical Model I need my face clean and fresh. It’s important to look the best you can. I highly recommend it for everyday use as a cleanser.

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