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R. C. Cosmetics International has been providing a complete line of skin care and cosmetics for over 25 years. With products comprising herbs, juices, and root extracts that have great therapeutic capabilities, our skin care supports natural skin functions and revitalizes your skin. We provide the general people with a high-quality product at a low cost. These goods are appropriate for women and men throughout their early adolescence through adulthood. Our convictions: Beautiful skin begins on the inside. Nutrition, exercise, drink intake, and rest are all terrific places to start when it comes to looking great.
We prefer products that are low in potential allergies, non-comedogenic (i.e., don’t clog pores), and aren’t tested on animals in the lab. R. C. Cosmetics International truly wishes you to continue on a path of inner longevity. Together with a healthy lifestyle, our skincare and make-up line will help you maintain your youthfulness.

Ruth Caney created R.C. Cosmetics International in 1985 to provide a high-quality product to TV, video and print production professionals. She has worked with many celebrities and TV personalities over the past 25 years as a model, actress, and professional make-up artist. She knows that product quality makes a difference in the unique challenges related to make-up application. She began selling these high-quality products to the broader public in 1991. These products are professional-grade, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic, paraben-free and fragrance-free in most cases. They’re also not tested on animals in the lab. Ruth can provide these beautiful products at highly reasonable prices thanks to her global distribution.

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Ruth Caney
Owner / President R C Cosmetics

In 1985, Ruth Caney founded R.C.Cosmetics to provide an extremely high quality product to Television, Video & Print Production professionals. As a model, actress and professional make-up artist for the past 25 years, she has worked with many celebrities and TV personalities, and knows product quality makes a difference regarding the specific issues associated with make-up application.

-Co-hosted an '' Oldies morning radio show in Western Massachusetts for over15 years.
-Accomplished musician, songwriter and singer. (see music on SHOP)
-Professional make up artist, acting and modeling experience.

Now, Ruth can do this for you!

In 1991, she made these high quality products available to the general public. These products are of a professional grade, allergy tested, non-comedogenic, and most are fragrance free. Also, they are not tested on laboratory animals. Having worldwide distribution, Ruth is able to offer these excellent products to you at very affordable prices.

For more information, please contact Ruth.

Makeup Resume

Acting/Modeling Resume


Ruth Caney has been involved in the acting business for 25 years. Her acting began in college theater
but gravitated towards commercials, such as Bazin Chiropractic Care, Pride Gas Stations, Brookfield
Motors car dealership, M Zeller Furriers, and Weather promotion for Fox 61 TV (Hartford CT).
During her career, she has also worked on video productions playing a nurse, pregnant mom,
receptionist, etc.

She has also appeared in Motion Pictures. She played an airline ticket agent in “For Love Of The
Game”, Most recently, she was in the nightclub scene in the Terence Howard film “The Fighting”, a
movie by Rogue pictures.

If you wish to contact Ruth about any acting opportunities please see the acting resume; her email

Acting/Modeling Resume


Ruth Caney has been a petite model for the past 25 years. Her print modeling has appeared in
Meadows East Health Clubs, Coupon Directory, Comfort Inn and Suites, Nursery Needs, Lombard
Marketing Puzzle Company, Smith and Wesson catalogue, etc. (further information upon request.)

Ruth has been in numerous runway shows in the petite division. She has also worked as a mannequin
model, leg model, promotional model, and has directed and commentated events.

Ruth Caney is available for work in the petite division, and she can be contacted by email at

Modeling Resume
  • Musician

    Ruth Caney has been singing since she was in her early teens. She started performing in clubs and at events when she was in her 20’s. Her music has a contemporary country style.

    Ruth has a love of the music of the 60’s and 70’s including songs from Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Melanie, and many other wonderful artists. Their music has had a strong influence on her singing career.

    Ruth Caney started listening to Christian music and was so inspired by her love of its message as well as the encouragement it provided to others worldwide, Ruth started composing her own Contemporary Christian music.

    Ruth’s Christian songs have been on the Brightside CD; Brightside is an organization that cares for abused children.

    She now offers her songs for people to enjoy in the hope that the songs will lift the spirit as well as provide hope and comfort.

    For booking and a complete list of song selections, including songs of the 60’s, 70’s, and songs of today, please contact Ruth Caney at ruthcaney49@gmail.com.

    To purchase CD, please go to the Music CD page in the shop

    Samples of Ruth's music:

    If you weren't there on March 14th, 2009...... You truly missed something very special. The huge crowd of almost 600 really rocked the Castle of Knights on Saturday night! Opening with Ruth Caney, she led the way with a rousing version of "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" (backed by the Society All-Star Band). Then In Time took the stage and they are sounding better than ever and for the people that saw them for the first time, they were treated to something special. They received a standing ovation from the large crowd after a fine, exciting set. Following In Time was a special a cappella group from long Island called The 3rd Edition. What can you say about this quintet....well, they were superb! Doing a 50 minute set of standard oldies, they really held the audience in the palm of their hand and they received a standing ovation. After the break, Joel Katz and his all-star band, the Dynamics, took the stage and the crowd was mesmerized by this guy's voice. Clicking on all cylinders, they sailed through "What A Surprise," "Please Don't Cheat On Me," "Tonight" and many more in their crowd-pleasing 50 minute set. Of course, they came back for an encore and the crowd gave them a standing ovation too, showing ALL performers how much they appreciated the concert! The finale was something different and something the crowd loved. As Ron Ruggiero of the 3rd Edition started singing "Goodnight," he lead In Time & Joel Katz & the Dynamics into the audience, shaking hands and thanking the crowd for their support, while the rest of his group did the background on stage. It was something very special and I hope you were a witness to all of it.

    ~New England Doo Wop Society


    I started using R.C. Cosmetics about a year ago. With Ruth's excellent guidance and expertise as a Make-up-Artist I was able to find just the right cosmetics for my skin type. I am very impressed with the quality of this cosmetic line as well as the array of products. The tinted moisturizer is lightweight and doesn't clog my pores. The concealer's smooth texture melts into the skin to smooth out imperfections. It looks and feels so natural. The lip liners and gloss are easy to apply and last longer than any I have used in the past. I always get compliments on the lipstick colors as well. I love the way my skin feels and looks with R.C. Cosmetics.

    Kathy T.

    After finishing a workout at the gym, a member commented that I still look refreshed . I told her I had applied Ruth Caney's lighter foundation before going. The expression on her face, priceless!!

    C. F.



    I have purchased concealers from RC Cosmetics International on many occasions and I am extremely pleased with the excellent coverage and the creamy texture. I highly recommend this product. I have purchased additional products. Mary

    I asked some friends of mine if they knew of a moisturizer that would help my skin look more youthful because my skin looks rough and I look older than I am. They suggested that I try the Collagen Creme from RC Cosmetics International . I took their advice and purchased The Collagen Creme and Eye Creme.The results were amazing ! I noticed a difference within days.I was also getting compliments from family and friends and they asked me what I was doing different. I said that I stopped using cheap stuff! I made the decision that I am continuing to use RC Cosmetics International for my skin care regime. Eddie

    As someone who is always been active from participating in fitness activities, athletics, and coaching I always look for products which provide a definitive benefit.With RC Cosmetics International's Vitamin E stick I found a great product that was an improvement compared to the over the counter items I was buying in stores.The Vitamin E stick is a good gift possibility that I have given to my family an even my personal trainer at my gym. Look forward to trying some of the other fine offerings from R.C.Cosmetics International. Frank E.

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